When to Start Kinder

The decision on when to start your child at preschool is very significant, because it effectively determines when your child will start school. You need to be thinking “when will be the right time for my child to start school?” and then work back from there as opposed to starting kinder as soon as your child is eligible and dealing with the start of school later. Sometimes, parents start their child in a 3 year old kinder program as soon as they turn 3, but by the end of 4 year old kinder, realise that their child isn’t ready to start school. At that point, it’s very difficult to delay starting school, because having a second year of funded 4 year old kinder may not be easy or straightforward.  The child would need to be assessed as to having two areas of developmental delay and specialist involvement.

Please read more about when your child should start kindergarten here at the Department of Education website.  This has a lot of useful information about when to send your child to kinder,  funding access and child readiness.