Session Times & Fees

Session Times & Fees

We currently provide one 3-year-old program for our ‘Joeys’ and two 4-year-old programs for our ‘Red and Grey Kangaroos’. There are 22 children in each of our groups, with an educator to child ratio of 1:11.

GroupDays and Times 2021 Fees
3-Year-Old Group
9am to 3pm
$775 per term
Grey Kangaroos
4-Year-Old Group
Mondays and Wednesdays
8.30am to 4pm
$910 per term
Red Kangaroos
4-Year-Old Group
Tuesdays and Thursdays
8.30am to 4pm
$910 per term

*Fees may be subject to change. Please see our Fee Policy  for more information.

Please note that not all service costs are covered by the Department of Education per capita funding. Fees for the year 2021 have been reviewed and approved by our Committee of Management. To support the excellent educational program led by our experienced Teachers and Co-Educators, including our two Exemplary Teachers, and to cultivate a more financially viable service going forward, new fees have been established.

Excursions and Incursions

The cost of excursions and incursions is included in your fees.

Maintenance Levy

A $250 Maintenance Levy is charged with the Term 1 fee / security deposit. The levy is charged once per family per year.

Qualification for Reimbursement
We are a not-for-profit, community pre-school and rely heavily on the contribution of our families to help run the kinder and/or participate in working bees. Getting involved has lots of wonderful rewards and most importantly, may even qualify your family for a reimbursement of the maintenance levy. To qualify, you must have contributed your time doing one of the following:

  • collectively contributed a total of 4 hours assistance at working bees
  • looked after the guinea pig over the school holidays
  • made contributions to the kinder as a committee member
  • other volunteer equitable contribution

There are some tasks (eg. book covering), which can be done after hours at home.

*Families eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy and Early Start Kindergarten are not required to pay the levy. However, we greatly appreciate their participation at working bees or other voluntary services to the kindergarten, if possible.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Levy

A $50 AGM levy is payable with the Term 1 fee / security deposit. Our AGM is held annually in November and we encourage all parents/carers to attend. This levy is refunded for those who do attend the year prior to commencement, or have provided reasonable apologies ahead of time.


Additional fundraising is undertaken to pay for extra items for the pre-school. Whilst participation in fundraising is voluntary, the support of every family is encouraged and provides a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together.

Government Funding and Concessions

Kindergarten Fee Subsidy
The Victorian Government provides funding to support children to access a high quality kindergarten program in the year before they start school. The funding is a contribution towards meeting the cost of the kindergarten program and is directly provided to the service.

Your child can only be funded for a kindergarten place at one service at any one time and only for one year. In the year your child is enrolled to attend our 4-year-old kindergarten program, West Hawthorn Pre-school will be claiming funding for your child on your behalf.  If your child will be attending another children’s service that offers a funded kindergarten program, you must tell the other service(s) that West Hawthorn Pre-school will be claiming the government funding for your child.

Second Year Funding
In rare circumstances, some children may obtain a second year of funding. However, this is a difficult process and only for children who are assessed as having two areas of developmental delay. Further information can be found on the Victorian Department of Education and Training website.

Early Start Kindergarten
Early Start Kindergarten provides free or low cost kindergarten to eligible 3-year-old children where programs are offered by a qualified teacher. Applications can be made by contacting the pre-school or City of Boroondara’s Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme (BKCES) and asking to access Early Start Kindergarten.

Applications for Early Start Kindergarten funding are made by the service on your behalf and the grant is paid directly to the service. Further information can be found on the Victorian Department of Education and Training website.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)
West Hawthorn Pre-school is not eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.