Committee Members

Committee Position 2019 Committee Member
President Nathan Smith
Vice President (Grey Kangaroos) Jackie Brown
Vice President (Red Kangaroos)
Kate Campbell
Vice President (Joeys) Salam Nader
Secretary Monica McInerney
Treasurer Alice Hardie
Enrolments Officer
Brooke Underwood
Human Resources Officers (Minimum 2 representatives) Seth Holmes
Claire Cannon
Purchasing Officer and OH&S Flora Wong
Environment and Maintenance Officer Stuart McLellan
Communications Officer Julia Morley
Events/Fundraising (Minimum 3 Representatives) Teagan Kucianski
Maria Nelson
Elisha Larkin
Jessica Pattison
Octavia Tomyn
Policy Officer Lisa Jenkins
Non Committee Positions
These roles very rarely require committee attendance but as a (semi) regular commitment are an alternative to working bee attendance.
Nature Officer (Guinea pigs)
Jane Mann
Laundry Officer Anna Esposito
Library Officer Susanna de Leijer
Grants Officer Georgia Haining

Committee Role Descriptions