We have a dedicated and experienced teaching team led by our wonderful director, Kerryn. Each group is taught by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and a Certificate 3 trained Co-Educator, as well as a regular lunchtime Early Childhood Teacher.  We also have an Administrative Assistant working part-time in our office, and sometimes have students who visit us for work experience.

Exemplary Teachers

We are very fortunate that both of our 4-year-old group Teachers, Kerryn and Vicki, are classified as Exemplary Teachers. An Exemplary Teacher must demonstrate the following attributes, as taken from the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement 2016:

“The focus of the Exemplary teacher is on pedagogical excellence and demonstration of expert teaching skills. They will be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and practice reflected by developing innovative programs of curriculum. They will be responsive to emerging trends and issues within early childhood education, their service and the community.

Exemplary teachers provide educational leadership within the centre/service and they contribute to the professional growth of other teachers and educators at the service. They model outstanding professional behaviour and work consistently to strengthen and initiate improvements to the quality of programs and service provision. They will take a leading role in sharing knowledge of teaching approaches and child development to support peers. They will take a leading role in providing mentoring support for Level 1 and 2 teachers, either on site, or through network arrangements. They actively seek opportunities to promote and strengthen links with other relevant services.”


Staff Profiles

Kerryn Cameron

Director and Red Kangaroos Teacher

I feel so privileged to be able to teach your children and to work with the families at WHPS; this combines my work with my passion for all things early childhood! I love that together we can help build the foundation for children on their learning journey. We can help to foster in our children those attributes we hold dear; curiosity, resilience, playfulness, a sense of belonging, positive relationships, persistence, confidence, considered risk taking and problem solving. This in turn influences our community and ultimately the wider world as our children grow and contribute in their own unique way. Each year is a joy (and a challenge- in a good way) for me. Thanks!

Lucy Sossa

Red Kangaroos Educator

Working with our WHPS preschoolers and their family is an absolute delight. Every year the children collectively bring unique challenges which not only add to our teaching growth but the privilege of forming a unique bond. Given the privilege of playing such a vital role in our little participants social, emotional and academic development is a role I and we, the WHPS teaching team, don’t take lightly. We pride our teachings and care with the knowledge of delivering an empowering them with a strong foundation for their Primary years of education and life. We welcome you all and thank you for entrusting us with your bundles of joy!

Vicki Gazis

Grey Kangaroos Teacher

I believe that it is my role as a kindergarten teacher to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children as they make the transition from home to pre-school. It an exciting journey as children learn through play and are scaffolded to an optimal level of development. Partnerships with parents are important part of my teaching practice thus acknowledging that a child’s family are his or her first teacher. When l am not at WHPS, l enjoy stepping into the academic role of a part time  lecturer in Early Childhood.
One of my toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world ‘is being a mother’. My choices have been heavily influenced by being a mum to my son and daughter.

Josie Zandegu

Grey Kangaroos Educator

I see my role as the Co-Educator of the Grey Kangaroo group to be the facilitator that helps our children move through their pre-school journey. It’s a privilege to see the children learn and grow in our kindergarten environment, and build trusting relationships with children and parents. My most joyful experience is to see the children again who have gone on to school and are confident and successful.

Shawn Hillen

Joeys Teacher, and Kangaroos Lunchtime Teacher

I spent the first part of my working life mainly working in science based fields.
After thoroughly enjoying being the primary carer of my children before they went to school, I decided to make a career change and re-trained as a Teacher in Early Childhood.

Jasmine Main

Joeys Educator

As the Co-Educator of the Joeys group I acknowledge the great responsibility I have to encourage and support every child to feel safe, secure and supported within our Kinder environment. My goal is to build warm, caring and reciprocal relationships with each child and their family. It’s a real privilege to be part of the education and care of every child in our Joeys group.

Naomi Pethybridge

Joeys Lunchtime Teacher

West Hawthorn Pre-school is such a supportive and encouraging environment for the children who attend, their families and for educators. It is such a privilege to be part of the fantastic teaching team here at WHPS. I love observing how much the children learn, grow and develop during their time at kinder and it is an honour to be part of their educational journey.

Sarah Broadbent

Administrative Assistant

Being a local mum of two small children I greatly value the teaching staff and the lovely environment here at WHPS. It is highly gratifying to be able to perform administrative tasks for the pre-school, a role I thoroughly enjoy as I am happy being able to help support the staff, committee and families of our community kinder.