About Us

Our curricula considers the needs of individual children and the group as a whole to encourage the development of a positive self-concept and a positive attitude toward learning. The development of children’s interests and skills is paramount in the curriculum and children are encouraged to try a wide variety of new learning experiences. Imaginative and creative play is considered to be vital in children’s development and is encouraged.

West Hawthorn Pre-school (WHPS) operates as a community run kindergarten.  This means families have much autonomy in making decisions about our kinder and what is important to us, our children and our staff. Some of these values are reflected in our sustainable practices, ‘Beyond The Fence’ walks, nature based play, facility upgrades and social events.

Being a community run preschool brings the joy of truly representing our community and its values.  It also brings responsibilities for those involved. We cannot run without parent input and support.  All parents are automatically members of our Incorporated Association on payment of fees.

We rely on parents for  . .

  • Committee of Management
  • Working bees
  • Stay and Play roster
  • Other jobs as necessary

Drawing on the skills, ideas and contributions of the members in our community is what makes West Hawthorn pre-school so great!  Please find out more of what’s behind our pre-school with our Philosophy, Programs & Fees, and our wonderful Staff.